Upcoming Costumes

Sebastian - Black Butler
Sith Endymion - Original Sailor Moon/Star Wars
Dredgenot - Remnant (Penny Dreadful Concept)
Wiseman - Sucker Punch
Logan - X-Men
Mad Hatter - Original Alice in Wonderland

Current Costumes
Air Captain - Original Steampunk
60's Tuxedo Kamen - Original Sailor Moon
Lucius Malfoy - Harry Potter

Retired Costumes
Seiya Kou (Concert Suit) - Sailor Moon Stars
Iskuiyomi Ikuto - Shugo Chara Doki

Jade is Chelsea's fiance - in case you haven't noticed he doesn't have a lot...he wears what Chelsea makes him wear. :) He would steampunk it everyday if we would let him though. ;)


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