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Anime Weekend Atlanta

Abbie: Apple Jack
Ashley: Apple Bloom
Chelsea: Granny Smith
Laura: Fluttershy

Abbie: Human Luna
Ashley: Sailor Cosmos/Avery
Chelsea: Grell
Jade: Sebastian
Laura: Queen Serenity/Rubeus

Abbie: Sailor Galaxia
Ashley: Sailor Chaos Galaxia
Chelsea: Princess Kakyuu
Laura: Rubeus/Eternal Sailor Saturn

Abbie: Fluttershy
Ashley: Apple Bloom
Chelsea: Sailor Iron Mouse

Tentative 2012 Schedule:

February 17-19, 2012: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Members Attending: Ashley, Abbie, Laura
Costumes to be Debuted: Apple Jack, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino

March 16-18, 2012: Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA

Members Attending: Ashley, Abbie, Laura, Chelsea, Jade
Costumes to be Debuted: Calaveras, Super Sailor Moon, Petz, Emerald, Narcissa Malfoy, and Lucius Malfoy

June 24-26, 2012: Double Tree Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Members Attending: a=Ashley, Abbie, Chelsea, Jade
Costumes to be Debuted: Sheryl Red Dress, Super Sailor Mars

Anime Weekend Atlanta
September 28-30, 2012 - Renaissance Waverly/Cobb Galleria - Atlanta, GA

Members Attending: All :)
Costumes to be Debuted: Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, Human Luna, Sailor Cosmos, Sebastian, Queen Serenity, Rubeus, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Chaos Galaxia, Princess Kakyuu, Sailor Iron Mouse.


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